When you make homework assignments into blog posts

For my “Readings in World Literature” class, we were asked to pick up our favorite book that we had with us in our dorm rooms, and to open it to a random page, selecting a random passage. Then, in a journal entry, we were told to “imagine a back story–factual or fictional–according to which that quote could take on some significant meaning for you. How and why might that quote clarify your life?”

Here’s the passage I found, and my response:

I advanced and observed the inner sanctum. There was a painting. Was this the murti? Something about a human sacrifice. An angry god who had to be appeased with blood. Dazed women staring up in the air and fat babies with tiny wings flying about. A charismatic bird. Which one was the god? To the side of the sanctum was a painted wooden sculpture. The victim again, bruised and bleeding in bold colours. I stared at his knees. They were badly scraped. The pink skin was peeled back and looked like the petals of a flower, revealing kneecaps that were fire-engine red. It was hard to connect this torture scene with the priest in the rectory.

– Yann Martel, Life of Pi (52-53)

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